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Creating the Financial Life You Want

It Starts With Planning

Getting To Know You

We start by having an in-depth discussion with you to understand your situation, your needs, your concerns, your hopes and the people and causes that matter to you. This includes understanding your experience in investing and the amount of risk you are comfortable taking in order to achieve your goals.

Creating Your Customized Financial Plan*

We focus on your dreams and concerns to develop various scenarios, customized to your circumstances. We determine the probability within each scenario of reaching your goals. Then we develop recommendations to help you improve the probabilities.

Then Implementing Your Customized Solutions

Filling Your Reservoirs

Reservoirs are used to save today for a future need. Your Asset Map and Financial Plan help us determine what your unique reservoirs need to be and the savings you need for each one. Once we know what it takes, we implement solutions to move you towards these goals.

Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing

You may want your investments to be socially responsible. You may be concerned about the environment, human rights and corporate practices and expect your investments to support those companies that are leaders in these areas. Ralph and Liz have both attended the annual SRI Conference to be educated on the most recent issues and investment solutions available. The result is SRI investment models that support our clients wishes to make an impact with their investments.

Helping You Address Risks To Your Plan

Through the financial planning process, we can identify events that can throw off your well laid out plans. Incurring a disability that reduces or eliminates your earnings, not living long enough to take care of the people that matter to you, needing in-home assistance for daily activities as you age and other potential risks. We analyze the potential impact and find the appropriate solutions for you.

Monitoring and Keeping You Informed

Watching, Making Changes and Communicating

We constantly watch and evaluate the markets, the economy and your investments and take action as we feel it is needed. When we do make a change to your portfolio, we let you know what we changed and why. We also keep you informed about what is happening through weekly economic updates, quarterly analysis of the markets, and reactions to key global events as they happen.

Regular Meetings

It’s important for us to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in your life. We meet with you at least annually. During these meetings we review what is new with you, our outlook on the markets, your investment results and your asset allocation. We review your Investment Policy Statement to make sure it is current. And, of course, we answer any questions you have in a non-judgmental, educational environment.

Helping With Tough Decisions

Ongoing Financial Consulting

During the year, you may be at a crossroad and need to make a decision that will impact your financial future. It could be a new job, a new investment opportunity, a major purchase. We are always here to help you analyze the idea and determine the impact to your financial plan. We are your financial consultants.

Helping You Leave Your Legacy

Balancing your own financial needs against your desire to leave a legacy or care for future generations requires expert assistance. We work with your lawyers or accountants to develop plans that transfer your wealth to the people or causes that matter to you.

*Services provided to our advisory clients that have entered into the United Planners Investment Management Service Agreement. Additional fee may apply if assets under management by us are less than $500,000.