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What We Deliver To You

Your Unique Asset Map

We create a one-page picture of your current financial situation. This includes your current and future income, your investment and savings accounts, your real estate and business holdings, your insurance protection and your loans and other debt. You will see your entire net worth in one, easy to read snapshot and quickly see where there may be risks in achieving your goals.

Your Customized Financial Plan*

We focus on your dreams and concerns to develop various scenarios, customized to your circumstances. We determine the probability within each scenario of reaching your goals. Then we develop recommendations to help you improve the probabilities.

Your Social Security Plan

Before going to the Social Security office, let us analyze the various options available to you. Our state- of-the-art software lets us help you know what option may maximize your total benefits and the implications of taking your benefit too early.

Your Investment Policy Statement

A customized and detailed document establishing your expectations, objectives and guidelines in the investment of your portfolio assets. Your investment policy statement is intended to provide a well thought out framework from which sound investment decisions can be made based on your unique circumstances.

Your “Putting It All Together” Book

We pull everything together into an organized binder for you, called “Putting It All Together”. You’ll have all these deliverables and updated reports for your accounts at your fingertips. We do this to help you stay organized and reduce stress about your financial affairs.

*Services provided to our advisory clients that have entered into the United Planners Investment Management Service Agreement. Additional fee may apply if assets under management by us are less than $500,000.